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Pranjal Pokharel, BMS 5th semester; Cohort: 2017-2020

(Picture: Approx. 5,800masl, Upper Mustang) Acclimatization is a complex interaction of changes in our bodies' chemistry and physiology when it tries to adapt to the environment consisting of the dec...

The Grandeur of Thorong-La

Prince Basnet, BMS 1st semester; Cohort: 2019-2022

Thorong La Pass is the climax point of the Annapurna Circuit at 5,416 metres above sea level and one of the strenuous treks on the Annapurna circuit. At this altitude, with just half the oxygen densit...

Mountains: Infinite Assets

Anuprastha Poudel, BMS 5th semester; Cohort: 2017- 2020

When I was a child, the gigantic white shining structures, seen far at a distant horizon from the roof of my home used to fascinate me. My little brain struggled to understand, what actually were thos...

Mani Wheel: Orator of Million Prayers

Sulav Lamichhane, BMS 1st semester; Cohort: 2019- 2022

Mani wheel (also called Prayer wheel) is an important part of Buddhist practices. A Mani is a cylindrical wheel on a spindle often beautifully embossed on metal, wood, stone, leather or coarse cotton...

My Journey to BMS; Nepal Mountain Academy

Ashok Nepal, BMS 6th semester; Cohort: 2017-2020

After completing my +2 exam, I took a break for quite some time before deciding on the course to join for my Bachelor degree as it is the major turning point for any student at that stage for him/her...