Government of Nepal

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Nepal Mountain Academy


Tourism and Environment Training

The Academy has been conducting Tourism and Environment Training since 2069 BS, intending to raise consciousness amongst locals on potential tourism endeavours their destination could generate.

In training span of 1 week, it offers the trainees theoretical and practical approach to

  • fundamental concepts of tourism, hospitality
  • core tourism activities,
  • adventure activities,
  • basic mountaineering and field-based exercises,
  • Tourism entrepreneurship,
  • Managing and operation of tourism-based organizations and a lot more.

The training has successfully empowered locals of different parts of Nepal enhancing them to set a tourist business of their own, simultaneously alerting on environmental consciousness.

The training shall come into operation after the pandemic for which interested candidates can fill-up the form here to apply for the training and with minimally 10-15 applications, the Academy shall conduct it.

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