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Dudh Kunda Trek: The Himalayan Vantage to Nepal’s Exotic Bio-heritage

Sabin Bhattarai, BMS 1st semester; Cohort: 2019- 2022

Dudh Kunda trek is a newly opened trekking route in lower Khumbu region lying at just 2 days walk from its district headquarter Salleri, situated at 4560m above the sea level. This trek is perfect for those people who want to explore the quieter virgin areas which offer the exploration of majestic Himalayas. The trail follows the less crowded area with beautiful forests and high ridges offering the panoramic Himalayan scenery including Mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu, and many other snow-covered peaks, mountain glaciers, coniferous and rhododendron forests, exotic culture influenced villages, holy monasteries, prayer walls, beautiful alpine forests and the holy Dudhkunda lake itself. The trek also incorporates lifetime experience of witnessing the presence of exotic wildlife such as mountain Thars, bears, snow leopards, jackals, pheasants, Lophophorus (Danfe) etc.

The Dudhkunda lies high in the mountains of the Southern Solukhumbu directly under the Numbulr Himal range and has several lakes with milky-appearing water. It is also known as lower Everest Trek. It lies off the beaten treks and is perfect for nature lovers. This trek is only compatible with camping. The trek goes into the Sherpa lands and gives a great insight into their lifestyle. Dudh Kunda, a holy lake surrounded by mountainous terrain and believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, is also a popular destination amongst Hindu pilgrimages and for adventure seekers.

Dudh Kunda, situated on the lap of Mt. Numbur, locally known as Shorong Yul Lha, is considered as the protector of Solukhumbu region. Dudh Kunda (which literally means milky lake) is a holy lake and the locals believe that taking a dip in the holy waters will have the wishes granted. Devotees believe that taking a dip in its holy water would absolve them from all their sins as well as bless childless families with children and prosperity. During full-moon nights in August, pilgrims and Jhankris (Shaman Priests) hold a week-long celebration on the lake periphery. On the trail to Dudhkunda, one will pass through high altitude locations of Kaku, Basa, Taksindu and Beni, where one can see some breathtaking panoramic views of mountain peaks, sparkling waterfalls and tranquil lakes that will surely entice the travellers to stop.

If you are an adventure lover and want an authentic and challenging trekking experience, then the Dudkunda trek is for you. And, since the cost starts from an affordable range as per the visitors’ preferences, this trek can be a nature lovers’ experience of a lifetime.

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