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Message from Academic Advisor

Nepal Mountain Academy has all the means of taking pride in implementing such academic courses that blend theoretical and pragmatic approaches to teaching and learning methods. The must-know vocational skills required in mountaineering carry the rigorous aspects of training and studies conducted by some of the renowned mountain warriors who have summited Mt. Everest and scaled other 8000 m. peaks at home and abroad. Adventure studies are also taken care of by similarly competent faculties. Equally renowned and skilled faculties from the universities and other related industries have been contributing to developing students as competent graduates.   

The academic courses run by the academy are obviously among the rare ones that testify the skills acquired by the students at every stage until everyone succeeds. The amount of exposure through classroom-based knowledge and practical training received during the study period is comparatively at par excellence. Thus I have every reason to believe that these courses will become practically an enticing trail for the students as the outcome will gear them to international recognition in mountaineering and adventure tourism fields.

The futuristic dimensions of integrated disciplines of theoretical and applied mountaineering and adventure studies coupled with comprehension of pure science, social science, management entrepreneurship, and field-based empiricism set high hopes and propel students to materialize their dreams.

At NMA we are all committed to creating a conducive academic environment where you can unleash your full potential.

You are welcome! 

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bajracharya
Academic Advisor