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Akkal Bahadur Aidi

BMS Third Batch

As a former health assistant who has transitioned to pursuing a Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) at the Nepal Mountain Academy, I can confidently say that this subject is both dynamic and fasc...

Pratik Bahadur Khatri

MATS First Batch
Faculty Member of NMA (BMS & MATS), Instructor

My participation in the Masters of Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS) programme was an incredible learning opportunity, and I am really excited to talk about it. This programme has been quite beneficial...

Anish Dahal

BMS First Batch
CEO of HITED, Instructor, Author: Tourism in Nepal

Joining the BMS course was an extraordinary decision I did take. It was the beginning of an adventure that has been going on. Having realized my true passion, the academy has always been supportive an...