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Nepal Mountain Academy



About us

Nestled in the heart of Kathmandu valley, Nepal’s central stunning landscape, Nepal Mountain Academy (established 2002) under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation is where top-tier students, educators, and researchers from across the country and around the globe come and thrive.

The recognition of the Academy has not bloomed overnight, rather it is a huge effort throughout the years that has today resulted in the academy transforming itself into a prestigious educational institution. The academic courses that are being run are affiliated with the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.

The institution integrates dual model: academic and training phase. Students, in the academic phase shall learn the theoretical segment in Kathmandu and practical segment of training phase in the high mountains, Himalayan zones, and other technical aspects in the International Mountain Training Center (IMTRC), Garma, Solukhumbu. 


Nepal Mountain Academy envisions becoming a university for mountaineering, mountain sciences, and adventure tourism studies that promotes, coordinates, and conducts academic activities and carries out researches from across the disciplines on mountain places, peoples and practices, and advances both theoretical and experiential learning in academic and mountain environments.


The academy seeks for the graduates to be the leading and functional human capital in the field of mountaineering, mountain sciences, and adventure tourism.


The academy is explicitly dedicated:

  • to understanding mountains, mountain sciences and environments, cultures, and adventure activities in relation to one another; and
  • to bringing students, faculty members, and community together through the study of mountains and allied services.


The specific objective of the Academy are:

  • To deliver quality academic services to the students enrolled in the academy
  • To encourage research-based learning
  • To create a knowledge and network hub of international mountain & adventure experts and academicians
  • To explore the academic line of mountaineering and adventure tourism
  • To produce skilled and academic manpower to fulfill the demand of the tourism sector