Mountaineering Gears

Mountaineering and its applied sciences are the core issues of Nepal Mountain Academy and in this regard, we have to have a distinct sanctum for our gears and equipment. The Academy incorporates a distinctive mountaineering store for all the gears and equipment  which have a long history of serving acclaimed exploration expeditions.

The gears and equipment of the Academy serve the main purpose of aiding the Practical Training Trips (PTT) of the BMS and MATS course but have assisted in several nationally and internationally recognized projects. Some of the major expeditions operated with the gears and equipment from the Academy are:

The Everest Height Measurement Expedition, 2019
This is considered as Nepal’s pride and a huge achievement since the first measurement took place on the mid 1850s. The leader of the expedition Er. Khimlal Gautam is one of the Academy’s associated expert while technical leader Mr. Tshering Jangbu Sherpa is the Academy’s BoD member.

Civil Servants’ Everest Expedition, 2011
During the Chief Secretary tenure of Mr. Lila Mani Poudel, Nepal Mountain Academy had organized the Everest Expedition for Civil Servants which included all gears and equipment used on the expedition, managing guides for the expedition and basic mountain trainigs as well.

Exploration of Unclimbed peak on the western Himalayas, 2019
With a team of 20 researchers including guides and trip helpers, Nepal Mountain Academy had conducted a feasibility study/ exploration expedition on the unclimbed peak of Upper Mustang in 2019 with the Academy- owned gears and equipment. The study suggested that the peak was feasible for medium difficulty expedition and a potential hub for Skiing. The team had also successfully organized a Ski level 1 training.

At a required instance, Nepal Mountain Academy could host any trips and expeditions, climbing competitions, high altitude trainings and anything on the mountain terrains with these gear and equipment set. As the students of BMS and MATS, you will have full authority to use/ train with these technical equipment so as to develop mountaineering professionalism.