Trekking Guide Course

Establish yourself in the tourism industry as a certified Trekking Guide. We offer the best theoretical and practical training by Nepal's reputed instructors.

Nepal Mountain Academy’s Trekking Guide Training (TGT) course is recognized by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Tourism Industry stakeholders across the nation that enables a trainee to gain professional knowledge and skills regarding the trekking and tourism field so as to make Trekking as their profession, thus making money through it.

The TGT is a 35 days course where students gain professional knowledge of:

  • Tourism and Environment
  • Communication skills
  • History and Religion of Nepal
  • Geography of Nepal
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Mountain Geology
  • Trekking and Mountaineering
  • Safety and Security in Trekking
  • Rock-climbing and Camp-Site Management
  • Anthropology of Nepal
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Theory
  • Intercultural Management or Cross-cultural Tourism Behavior
  • Financing & Accounting
  • Insurance System in Nepal
  • Tourism & LawTrainees' Experiences in the Field. 

Including practical skills like:

  • Backpacking
  • Walking with poles
  • Rope Coiling
  • Conflict Management
  • Mountain Risk Assessment
  • Wall Climbing
  • Medical resuscitations techniques
  • Trekking Communication
  • Altitude Pathology Training


Interested candidates can fill-up the form here to acquire the training.


35 Days