The Academy has started and is conducting the Mountain Safety and First Aid Training since 2075.

Its principal aim is to educate the tourism stakeholders about potential mountain safety issues and their solutions to avoid accidents up in the mountains.

The training is conducted in a 2-day module, where trainees learn the fundamentals of mountain safety such as

  • acclimatisation,
  • health hazards,
  • performing immediate resuscitation protocols,
  • assembling a practical and handy first aid kit
  • and other topic-associated skills

on the first day from veteran instructors, and practical demonstrations of the teachings on a hike in the second day.

Being constrained in the middle of a pandemic, the Academy shall conduct the next training afterwards the termination of COVID-19 crisis.

Interested candidates can fill-up the form here to acquire the training and with minimally 10-15 applications, the Academy shall conduct the training.


10 Days