Sujan Gurung

Aspirant Guide (National Mountain Guide)

As an aspiring mountain guide and the student of Nepal Mountain Academy pursuing Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies, I find this course both exciting and diverse. It covers many areas like geology, geography, research, marketing, cultural studies, French language, anthropology, tourism law. What I love about this course is its practical approach. You need both theoretical knowledge and physical and mental preparation.  I have climbed Everest twice, Manaslu twice, Amadablam five times, and several 6000-meter peaks like Island Peak and Lobuche Peak multiple times. I also work as a trainer in climbing programs and have created rock climbing routes in different parts of the country, the latest being in Illam district. I have also served as the chief instructor of wall climbing for trekking guide training organized by Nepal Mountain Academy. Right now, I’m researching about water quality assessment in the Everest region.  I joined this degree to become an expert in mountaineering. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur in mountain tourism, and I believe this course will help me achieve that. The faculty, guest lectures, and management at Nepal Mountain Academy create a friendly and supportive environment for learning and research. I am grateful to be part of this program and look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Akkal Bahadur Aidi

BMS Third Batch

As a former health assistant who has transitioned to pursuing a Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) at the Nepal Mountain Academy, I can confidently say that this subject is both dynamic and fascinating. The nature of the subject itself is inherently interesting and diverse, encompassing various fields such as geology, geography, research methodology, adventure hospitality marketing, cross-cultural studies, mountain meteorology, French language, anthropology, socio-cultural studies, management, safety and security, tourism law, and service quality management, to name just a few. What I particularly appreciate about this course is its holistic approach, which offers a practical perspective that is relevant to the field. To succeed in this subject, one must not only possess theoretical knowledge but must also be physically and mentally prepared. In fact, it is a requirement to climb 6000 and 7000 peaks while preparing a report and thesis, which underscores the practical aspect of the subject. Moreover, the faculty, guest lectures, and management of Nepal Mountain Academy foster a friendly environment that is conducive to research and learning. I am grateful to be a part of this course, and I am excited about the many opportunities and challenges that await me in the near future.

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Anish Dahal

BMS First Batch

Joining the BMS course was an extraordinary decision I did take. It was the beginning of an adventure that has been going on. Having realized my true passion, the academy has always been supportive and a mentor in my academics and career overall. I strongly suggest the BMS degree to those who want to build a career in the mountains and mountaineering of the Himalaya.

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