Simone Moro


27 October 1967

Known for:

  • Being the first climber to winter ascent four of the eight-thousanders, SishaPangma, Makalu, Gasherbrum II and Nanga Parbat
  • Being an experienced helicopter pilot with most rescues actions undertaken in the mountains
  • Being record holder of world's highest long-line rescue operation on a helicopter, on Lhotse, at 7800m with two other rescue experts
  • Projecting and financing school for 396 Sherpa children in the Nepalese village of Syadul, Nepal in 2003
  • Financing and building a small masonry building for local shepherds and a small hospital in the village of Ser, Gilgit Baltistan (at the base of K2)
  • Author of famous books on experiential mountaineering;
    • Nanga: Fra rispetto e pazienza come ho corteggiato la montagna che chiamavano assassina
    • The Call Of Ice: Climbing 8000-Meter Peaks in Winter
    • I sogni non sono in discesa

Notable climbs:

  • Everest, 8848m
  • K2, 8611m
  • Kanchenjunga 8586m
  • Lhotse, 8516
  • Makalu, 8485m
  • Cho-Oyu, 8188m
  • Nanga Parbat, 8126m
  • Broad Peak, 8047m
  • Gasherbrum II, 8034m
  • Sishapangma, 8027m
  • Aconcagua, 6961m
  • Kilimanjaro, 5895m
  • Elbrus, 5642m

and many prominent peaks of the Himalayas and around the world.

Being one of the professional and dedicated mountaineers of modern times, Moro is a humble and generous mountaineer.