Mr. Shiva Prasad Jaishi

Nepal is a pristine mountainous country having wide range of potentials for tourism development and promotion. Tourism having higher multiplier effect can generate substantial amount of foreign currency and employment opportunities. Nepal so far has not utilized its potentials and tourism development is task unachieved. This development and management of tourism sector require planners and managers for tomorrow.

Nepal Mountain Academy aims to develop human resource for this purpose through Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS), and Master of Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS). These two programs aim to generate capable human resource both as managers and planners for tomorrow to lead tourism industry in Nepal. Addition to this, country requires policy makers to guide the development needs which are to be backed up by research inputs for goal setting and determining future settings. From this year academy has launched research based Master of Science in Mountain and Mountaineering Science (M.Sc.MMS). This ecosystem of education in science will provide knowledge and inputs for policy development and management will lead planning and management of tourism industry holistically for coming days.